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Wound Care

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At our center, we specialize in wound care and strive to effectively heal your wounds. The healing process for wounds is complex, as each one is unique. Our experts consider both internal and external factors that can impact healing and utilize advanced treatments and procedures to create the ideal healing environment. Furthermore, you won’t incur any center fees with us. Unlike many wound care centers, we provide personalized care without the burden of transportation costs or co-pays.

We provide treatment for a variety of wound types

  • Ulcers caused by diabetes
  • Incontinence-Related Skin Damage
  • Decúbito úlceras.
  • Traumatic injuries may include skin tears, abrasions, lacerations, and avulsions, which should all be addressed appropriately.
  • Wounds resulting from surgery.
  • “Ulcers of the Venous System: A Significant Concern”
  • Ulcers caused by Lymphedema.
  • Burns
  • Cancer
  • Additionally

We also offer on-location procedures, including:


The elimination of necrotic tissue, calluses, and foreign matter is a crucial aspect of this therapy. Surgical debridement is an effective technique that helps to eliminate harmful tissue and unwanted bacterial growth that may result in further wound disintegration, amputation, and infection. After this procedure has been performed, the provider is able to closely examine the wound bed and determine the optimal treatment plan, paving the way for improved wound healing.


Skin Substitute

In some cases, patients experience intricate wounds that resist healing due to diverse factors including insufficient growth factors, subpar healing environment, underlying medical conditions or coexisting illnesses, and more. By utilizing skin replacements, we provide wound-healing components like extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines, and regulatory proteins that promote and expedite wound recovery.



Utilizing silver nitrate sticks as a therapeutic measure is an effective way to decrease inflammation and provide healing benefits. This method is particularly useful in cases where wounds have become stagnant, hypergranulated, or have developed an epibole. For instance, patients may benefit from the application of silver nitrate to reignite the healing process in cases of epiboles. Moreover, silver nitrate can be employed to cauterize the hypergranulated tissue around stomas, including ones in gastrostomy and tracheostomy cases.


Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is crucial for individuals suffering from chronic venous disease and lymphedema, as these conditions often induce substantial swelling. Chronic venous disease develops when leg vein pressure strains intensify, resulting in valve malfunction and the accumulation of blood in the legs. Person afflicted with lymphedema experience atypical lymphatic fluid buildup, typically caused by lymph node damage or removal associated with cancer treatment.


Incision and Drainage

It is vital to deal with abscesses as they can cause high levels of discomfort. We make certain that proper pain management is implemented. A healthcare professional administers a local anesthetic, like lidocaine, to numb the region surrounding the abscess. Next, a scalpel or needle is inserted into the skin over the area, and the pus is drained. In some cases, several pockets of pus may need to be ruptured to ensure that all the infected material is released. Once the pus has been expelled, we cleanse and rinse the wound using saline solution and usually extract a wound culture.



Occasionally, while undergoing treatment, it may be necessary to obtain a wound or bone biopsy to aid in the determination of whether an infection has occurred or if the wound has progressed. Our professionals have the ability to extract tissue samples and forward them to a specialized laboratory for additional analysis.


Wound culture

Expertly obtaining specimens of infected wounds can guide targeted antibiotic therapy for critical wound management, resulting in faster recovery and improved wound healing times. This precision is available anytime at the provider’s discretion.

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