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Comprehensive Mental Health Care

At Florida Wound Healing, we are committed to providing a diverse range of psychiatric and mental health services to individuals, organizations, and licensed facilities. Our team of experienced medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and mental health counselors are dedicated to delivering high-quality care both on-site and through in-home visits. We aim to simplify the process of accessing mental health services with our efficient referral system.

How We Help:

  • Providing Mental Health Care at Residences: Our service facilitates expedient house calls for psychiatric and psychological treatment, catering directly to patients residing in designated accommodations.
  • In-house: We cater to clients who favor sterile environments by offering our services at specifically designated locations.
  • “We provide accessible healthcare solutions for all patients by offering the choice between self-pay and insurance payment options.”
  • Effortless Referral System: Our systematic referral process is meticulously crafted to ensure a hassle-free experience that expedites access to our top-notch services.

    Our Services:

    • Comprehensive mental health assessments are conducted to correctly diagnose and gain insight into the individual’s psychiatric well-being.
    • Psychotropic drug management: Skilled management and monitoring of medication to achieve the best possible treatment results.
    • Therapeutic Intervention: Verbal therapy and consultation meetings customized to cater to personal requirements and encourage mental wellness.
    • Integration of medication with counseling and therapy is crucial to the successful treatment of substance use disorders and addiction, also known as Medication-Assisted Therapy.
    • Collaborative consultations with our psychiatrists ensure expert insights and guidance for complex cases during psychiatric consultations.
    • At-Home Patients: Specialized Assistance and Care for Individuals Undergoing Treatment While Staying at Home.


    • In-Home: We provide mental health care services in the privacy and convenience of your own residence.
    • Assisted living facilities offer comprehensive psychiatric services as part of their accommodations.
    • Skilled Nursing Home: Committed attention for inhabitants staying in skilled nursing homes.
    • Mental Health Services for Individuals in Intermediate Care Facilities: An intermediate care facility providing support for individuals in need of mental health services.
    • Tailored Support for Mental Health Needs in Licensed Group Homes: Providing specialized assistance in licensed group homes to address mental health requirements.
    • Residential Treatment: Holistic therapy schemes rendered in domiciliary environments.
    • Mental Health Services for Individuals Residing in Independent Living Facilities: Providing mental health care services to those who live in independent living facilities.

    For Facilities:

    • We offer an all-encompassing mental health care management program for residents living in your facility. Promote their mental well-being by entrusting us with their care.
    • Coordination of insurance: We manage insurance concerns and guarantee smooth coordination of psychiatric services for inhabitants.
    • Effective coordination of provider schedules to ensure reliable availability of care services.
    • State Survey Proficient: Our team possesses substantial knowledge of state survey prerequisites, ensuring adherence to regulatory benchmarks.
    • It is crucial to endorse federal directives regarding Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR): We comply with federal directives aimed at ensuring the secure and efficient tapering off of psychotropic drugs.
    • Collaboration: We partner with licensed facilities, such as skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities, to provide top-tier behavioral health care services to their residents.

    Benefits for Residents:

    • Elevate the Quality of Life: Boost overall happiness and contentment with life.
    • Alleviate Stress and Restlessness: Diminish manifestations of stress and restlessness, encouraging tranquility and steadiness.
    • Reduce Aggression: Manage aggressive behaviors with a comprehensive approach.
    • Enhance Involvement in Everyday Life: Boost engagement and participation in day-to-day tasks and schedules.
    • Improve Mental Health: Promote emotional and psychological health, encouraging a favorable mental state.
    • Enhance Family/Client Contentment: Foster happiness and satisfaction among both occupants and their respective loved ones.
    • Minimize Dependence on Psychotropic Drugs: Create plans to decrease reliance on psychotropic medication, as appropriate.
    • Enhance Physical and Mental Well-being: Optimize overall physical and mental fitness results.
    • Pharmaceuticals Administration Evaluation: Comprehensive Assessment.

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