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We have all seen people here in Orlando, FL, with scaly, pale, paper-thin, loose skinned, veins showing, age-spotted hands and feet to go along with their beautiful well-pampered faces. Finding a primary care physician Orlando to take care of these problems could not be easier! House Call MD’s wants to help you learn to love and appreciate these appendages we abuse every day. Without proper care, you may start to experience pain and discomfort. So let’s take a look below and see some tips on how we can pamper these often neglected essential tools of the human body.


Pamper Those Hands and Feet

Dark spots, scaly skin, wrinkles, all of these are signs of aging. But there are a few things we can do to reverse or slow this damage.

  • Moisturize. Keeping your hands moisturized will help prevent damage from everything from cold, heat, wind, and blistering sun. Applying a moisturizer every day will be one of the most essential steps in preventing damage and reducing age signs.
  • Shoe size. Shoes that are too small or pointy on the end could cause some serious issues. Forcing a toenail to become bunched and start growing into the surrounding skin leading to an inground toenail. This could lead to pain and swelling, even infection.
  • Keep the shoe on. When out basically anywhere in public, it’s important to keep feet covered. Not doing so could lead to nasty and potentially dangerous fungal infections.


Turn Back the Clock

Okay, you can’t turn the clock back on those blemishes, but there are a few things that can be done to reduce their appearance.


  • Dermal Filler. These can smooth out complexion and soften wrinkles. It’s a noninvasive procedure that involves injecting fat to help reduce the signs of aging. The effects are only temporary.
  • Laser. A laser can be used to help treat those unsightly dark veins. The skin’s top layer is ablated, burnt, and the deeper layers are heated. This heating prompts collagen growth. All of this will lead to the body replacing the top layer of skin with new smooth, healthy-looking tissue.
  • Chemical Peel. This is a mix of lotion with either glycolic or retinol acid. This treatment can reduce rough patches and lessen the crepe-like look of the skin.


Moisturize Again

Again, moisturizing is arguably the most important thing you can do to avoid damage to the skin. Slapping on some after you get out of the shower or tube is not enough either. Every time you wash your hands or use sanitizer, you remove essential oils. Without these, your skin quickly becomes dry and starts to crack. Pain, bleeding, and infection can occur after that. Make it part of your routine to apply some moisturizer. It doesn’t take long and will help avoid a visit to your primary care physician Orlando!

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