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Do you keep searching for “wound care specialists near me” in hopes of healing a bad wound? Here at House Call MD’s, we tell you about some old-school wound care practices that some people might even use today to heal their wounds. We surveyed some board members recently about certain practices they use for healing wounds, and many of them actually admitted that they used some of the old-school methods that we will be telling you about today! Even though this is surprising, it demonstrates that some older methods still work wonders for some people. However, these practices do not necessarily work for everybody, so we are not telling you to partake in them every time you have a wound that you are trying to heal. Our team in Orlando, FL, is curious to see if you still use these methods yourself or if anyone you know uses them.

Explanation Of Wound Care Practices 

You were probably wondering what the practices are for healing wounds, so you do not have to search for “wound care specialists near me.” One practice is called wet-to-dry dressings. This entails putting wet gauze dressing on an open wound and left to dry. The dried dressing is then peeled off, and the cells supposedly heal the wound in the meantime. However, usually, the skin ends up peeling off with the gauze, and the wound is reopened. Another practice is called the whirlpool debridement, which entails soaking a wound in hot water because the circulation supposedly helps the tissue cover the wound faster. However, this can lead to infection. Another practice is not using antibiotics correctly. Some people swear by taking antibiotics when they have a wound, but this is actually rather dangerous. Another practice that involves a misuse is using compression, which is a treatment involving edema. To put it simply, we never recommend compressing a wound. Another practice is using cytotoxic cleaners. Certain cleansers are becoming very popular when it comes to healing injuries. However, this type of cleanser does not work for everyone.

Always Consult A Professional

When it comes to wounds, you are at risk for infection, further injury, and other complications if you do not take care of them properly; even though some of these old-school wound practices are interesting to think about, we do not recommend trying any of them without consulting with professionals like us first. Many of these practices can lead to more problems with your wounds.

Trust Current Practices 

Practices are constantly evolving in the world of medicine, which is why the wound practices that we tell you about are not advisable. Do not search for “wound care specialists near me” when you can take our advice and learn about older practices that likely do not work for healing wounds. We want you to heal in a healthy fashion!

Contact Us 

House Call MD’s are professionals who want to share old wound care practices with you. We hope that you learn how much practices have changed when it comes to treatments for wounds and injuries through our explanations of older practices. Call us today in Orlando, FL, for more information.