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Elite providers of mobile wound care and dermatology services in Florida.

The goal is to offer an expert and evidence-based approach to healing wounds and treating skin conditions. The medical team at Florida Wound Healing is proud to invite you to our diverse specialty clinic.

Skilled experts in the fields of wound care and dermatology.

Dr. Brown, the chief medical director at Florida Wound Healing, has been practicing medicine since 2007. Since 2015, Dr. Brown has specialized in managing acute and chronic wounds as well as dermatological conditions.

Certified Care that is Board-approved.

Dr. Brown is a board-certified Florida Wound Healing specialist (CWS) by the American Board of Wound Management. Additionally, she is an active member of the American Professional Wound Care Association and a fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care. Dr. Brown has led the care of numerous facilities that have been recognized with the Wound Care of Excellence Award.

Experienced Personnel

The professionals at Florida Wound and Healing maintains the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest treatment in wound care and dermatology.

Skilled Caretaking

Our team of medical professionals conducts regular visits to nursing homes, rehab facilities, assisted living communities, and residences all throughout Florida in order to promote wound healing.

Accelerated Recovery Periods

Florida Wound Healing’s extensive knowledge of the fundamental medical factors that contribute to the lasting presence of both acute and chronic wounds, as well as dermatological and podiatric conditions, allows us to enhance patient results. Consequently, this enhances the standard of care for our patients.

Wound Care

At Florida Wound Healing, our expertise lies in treating and restoring every category of wound injuries.


Optimizing your skin care routine can enhance the aesthetic and tactile qualities of your skin.


We are thrilled to present this fresh service to both current and potential patients!


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About Us

Florida Wound Healing

As board-certified experts in wound care and dermatology, we deliver superior services to a range of facilities including LTACs, nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living and private homes. Our unique patient-centered and outcome-driven program prioritizes quality of care and quality of life.


Wound Care







Why Choose Us

We offer unparalleled superior quality care!

Our specialty is focused on wounds! We aim to not just treat, but aid in the complete healing of your wounds. Healing wounds can be a complex process, where no two patients are the same. Our medical professionals offer on-site wound care services throughout Florida to provide thorough cleaning, attentive care, and effective treatment.

We Provide 

On-site emphasis on patients’ overall health to ensure speedy recovery. We prioritize utilizing advanced techniques including debridement/curettage, cauterization, and biopsy while considering both internal and external factors that can affect the healing process. Our aim is to create a conducive healing environment through enhanced treatments, methods, and procedures. Additionally, we prioritize patients’ general wellbeing to promote swift recuperation.

 No Wound Care Center Fees! Most

Wound treatment facilities necessitate payment as well as expensive transportation and co-pay fees. Our guarantee to you is that we provide customized medical attention.

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Our Team

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Become an

5-star wound controlled facility

Our certification program for wound care aids ALFs and SNFs in upholding a 5-star facility by managing wounds, avoiding costly penalties from the health department. Opt for our solution to enhance your establishment’s service quality.

Taking care of
your health

What We Do

We specialize in offering wound care and dermatology services to nursing homes, ALFs, LTACs, rehab centers, and private residences through our mobile team.

Health Plans We Accept

We welcome Medicare Part B, select PPOs, and a few HMOs.

Wound Care Specialists

Weekly patient visits and varied bedside procedures are integral aspects of our service provision.